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Peter Zhdanov
14 October 2021

The Power of Unlearning

One of the best ways to improve in chess is to unlearn what you are doing wrong!
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Play Magnus
6 October 2021

How to Avoid Getting Caught by Your Opponent’s Opening Preparation

Tired of having opponents prey on you in the opening? Here is our quick-fix guide on how to make life difficult for them over the board! »
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29 September 2021

How Having to Make a Move Can Be a Curse

Why can having the right to move be more of a curse than a blessing in chess? And no, we are not talking about zugzwang today! »
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22 September 2021

Choose Your Chess Activities According to Your Energy Level

Wondering how to make the most out of every minute of your chess training? We have a useful tip for you that often gets neglected or even unknown! 
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15 September 2021

Tournament Play Secrets: Where to Look For Your Opponent's Games

For many players, the process of preparing for a round involves only checking out the opponent's profile in a popular chess database. How do you go way beyond that?
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8 September 2021

I Study Chess Very Hard. Where is My Progress?

Do you feel like you are not improving as fast as you expect? Let’s discuss what could be the reasons for that!
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1 September 2021

Knight Runner: New York, New York!

“Personally, I was always more of a Bane kind of guy” – Magnus Carlsen. 
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25 August 2021

Have You Tried Out Knight Runner?

"Knight Runner is chess training for everyone!" - Magnus Carlsen.
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19 August 2021

Top-10 Chess Gift Ideas

Wondering what to gift a chess player? We got you covered! 
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11 August 2021

Lists of Mistakes: Chess and General

Acknowledging the mistakes that you make at and away from the chessboard is critical for your improvement as a player. 
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