Peter Zhdanov
1 September 2021

Knight Runner: New York, New York!

Last week, we prepared for you a blog post with a short overview of our brand-new Knight Runner app that takes you on an exciting chess journey through time and space. We revealed the first World featured in the game – India, 600 AD, where chess was allegedly created in one of its original forms.

Also, we promised to present to you a video of Magnus Carlsen taking on the new app. As you probably know, Carlsen has an ultra-competitive mindset, so he never plays anything “just for fun” and typically tries to excel at everything he does. Was his Knight Runner test run (pun intended!) paved with roses? Check out the highlights below and find out!

Spoiler alert: the top-voted comment to the video captures its essence quite well:

“I’m downloading because this is my only chance to beat Magnus in a chess-related game.”

Jarret Berenson

In case you haven’t tried out the game yet or made it far enough to discover the second World (out of the five that are currently available in the storyline), we are happy to inform you that after India, you will have a chance to visit Gotham/New York in 1886. Do this place and date ring a bell to you? Of course, back in the day, Wilhelm Steinitz defeated Johannes Zukertort in NY and became the first official World Chess Champion!

Knight Runner spiked a lot of attention from world-class Grandmasters. Here is what some of them had to say about our new game:

Feeling as hyped about the game as super Grandmasters?

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