Peter Zhdanov
18 November 2022

Meet The Team Behind Magnus Chess Academy

Since 2014, the Play Magnus Group has been producing mobile apps for chess fans of all skill levels worldwide.

Over the last 1.5 years, one of our main projects was developing a new flagship app that would combine the best features of all our existing products and take a mighty step forward. As a result, we are proud to present to you Magnus Chess Academy the one chess app to rule them all!

Please look at the list of the key contributors to know who to praise for your wonderful experience...or blame if something goes wrong!

The Core Development Team

Anna Khudayarova, Lead Designer

Berkay Aydin, Developer

Edward Rad, Marketing

Felipe Longé, Product Owner

Gabe Danilov, Developer

Henrik Brustad, Developer

Jonay Rosales González, Developer

Kristoffer Jetmundsen, Game Design

Mads Frantzen, Game Design

Magnus Carlsen, The Legend

Magnus Rundhaug, Sound Effects

Marius Drogsås Hagen, Music

Milena Fagandini, Marketing

Oda Gaski, Marketing

Olga Dolzhykova, Game Design & Content

Peter Zhdanov, Content & Translator (Russian)

Sebastian Mihajlov, Content

Terje Gran, Developer

Tord Romstad, Senior Chess Developer

Volodymyr Steshenko, Web Developer


Andrew Martin, Content

App Agent, Marketing

Chess24, Development

Fabrice Wantiez, Translator (French)

Gerald Tan, Gamification & Strategy

Helene Grini, Web Developer

Hyper Games, Design & Development

Laurent Wery, Translator (French)

Magnus Chess Academy, Content

Martin Bennedik, Puzzle Master

Rainer Vollmar, Translator (German)

Ricardo Franco da Silva, Translator (Portuguese)

Scott Dodson, Marketing (CMO)

Silje Bjordal, Design

Sverre Johnsen, Content and Translator (Norwegian)

Torbjorn Ringdal Hansen, Content

Xavier Puerta, Translator (Spanish)

Thank you for appreciating our efforts!

With love,

The Play Magnus Team 💓

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