Peter Zhdanov
27 October 2021

The Play Magnus Plus Membership - Scary Good!

Have you ever dreamed about mastering chess while having fun along the way? One does not simply have Magnus Carlsen sit next to you and help study chess, but the Play Magnus Plus Membership may be the best alternative available!

Please look at the FAQ below to learn more about the potential benefits for yourself:

Q: What is inside the Play Magnus Plus Membership?

A: The Play Magnus Plus Membership proudly includes all four of our chess apps. Here is a quick overview. Magnus Trainer is your primary source of chess lessons and captivating mini-games. Play Magnus is a playground where you can test your skills against world-class Grandmaster characters such as the reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and the strongest female chess player of all time Judit Polgar. Tactics Frenzy is a paradise for fans of chess puzzles. Knight Runner is an exciting arcade platformer centered around chess.

Q: How much value am I saving by buying the Play Magnus Plus Membership?

A: We have regional pricing in place, so let’s use the figures for the USA as an example.

If you were to subscribe for the apps individually, you would pay $7.99/month for Magnus Trainer, $4.99/month for Play Magnus, $2.99/month for Tactics Frenzy, and $2.99/month for Knight Runner. That is a total of $18.96/month.

The price of the Play Magnus Plus Membership is only $14.17/month.

As of this writing, there is an additional Halloween sale going on, so you can expect yet another 25% off the regular price of the Plus Membership. This makes it just $10.62/month for the whole package, so you are essentially getting four Play Magnus apps for the price of two!

Q: What is the recommended age for using the apps?

A: According to the user surveys, Play Magnus has a surprisingly diverse customer base. All the age groups have a reasonably strong representation, so please don’t hesitate to recommend our apps to kids, teenagers, and adults alike.

Q: How good do I have to be at chess to take advantage of the Play Magnus Plus Membership?

A: One of the bonuses of having four unique apps in one package is that they cater to chess players of any skill level. The target audience of our products ranges from complete beginners who want to learn the rules to the reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, who enjoys doing Tactics Frenzy runs.

Q: On what platforms can I use the Play Magnus Plus Membership?

A: Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a comfortable experience regardless of your preferred devices. As of now, the apps featured in the Play Magnus Plus Membership have the following availability:

Magnus Trainer (iOS, Android, web browser)

Tactics Frenzy (iOS, Android, web browser)

Play Magnus (iOS, Android)

Knight Runner (iOS)

Q: I am already subscribed to one or more apps released by Play Magnus. How do I switch to the Play Magnus Plus Membership?

A: The Play Magnus Plus Membership is a standalone offer. When purchasing it, please make sure to use the same email you have provided when downloading the other Play Magnus apps to ensure that your progress gets saved. Also, please read the cancellation policy in advance regarding refunds should you decide to unsubscribe from the individual apps after migrating to the Plus Membership.

Q: I like browsing the apps from different locations and devices. Will my progress be saved?

A: Yes. For example, you can use the apps both on your smartphone and on your laptop without worrying about losing your progress.  

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