8 August 2022

The Summer of Magnus

Magnus Carlsen has had a remarkably active schedule these days, though not all filled with his usual training regimen and chess tournament play. 

From playing in the World Series of Poker to creating his own Chessable course, and a host of other activities, the soon-to-be former World Champion never ceases to be interesting. 

So what exactly has Magnus been up to lately, now that he’s decided not to defend his World Chess Championship title? Here’s a breakdown of the “Summer of Magnus”:

Word Che - …Poker Champion?

That’s right, Carlsen went ‘all-in’ for the big one: The World Series of Poker Main Event. And while he’s been showing his poker face in other events around Europe, throwing $10,000 to play in the No Limit Hold’em super tournament in Las Vegas is certainly next level. 

Unfortunately for the aspiring rounder, he didn’t make it very far this time - but according to Magnus himself, he’s satisfied with his performance, making it several rounds into the tournament on the first day. And he even got to play in a high-stakes celebrity cash game while in town. 

Podcast Host 

Now you can even hear about his interesting trip to Vegas in detail - that’s because he tells the tale on the first episode of his new podcast, The Magnus Effect. Hosted together with his friend Magnus Barstad, the Magnuses recount their adventures (or misadventures?) in Sin City after the WSOP, including run-ins with NBA pros, odd passers-by in the street, and an irritating but humorous experience with hotel staff.

He also goes into some detail about his decision not to defend his World Chess Championship title - in fact, it’s the very episode in which Carlsen announced the momentous decision. 

Chess Tournaments, In and Out 

But as he made clear on the podcast, Carlsen is not quitting chess by any means. In fact, he’s been active in chess on and off the board amidst his busy schedule

Spending some time in Barcelona to check out the Candidates Tournament before his trip to Vegas, it’s clear his passion for chess still continues as he strives towards his 2900 rating goal. So close but yet so far - though he’s certainly giving it a go by representing Norway on Board 1 in the 44th FIDE Olympiad in Chennai. And don’t forget online events in his Champions Chess Tour, such as the FTX Crypto Cup. 

Grinding Wins, and a Chessable Course

If there’s one thing we can say about Carlsen’s chess style, it’s that he’s never afraid to grind out a win in a long, drawish-looking game. In fact, he seems to relish it - look no further to Game 6 of the last World Championship for proof.

Luckily for us fans aspiring to play like the World Champion, we can now learn the secrets of Carlsen's legendary endgame technique in his new Chessable course: Grind Like a Grandmaster

Set to officially launch on Monday, August 8, Chessable PRO users can get a free sneak peek into the course with a sample lesson. 

Magnus and his co-author, GM David Howell, go into remarkable detail with annotated games, exercises, and in-depth video walkthroughs of the tactics, strategy, and psychology involved in grinding wins when it looks like nothing can come out of a position. 

Get a free Chessable PRO membership for 30 days and try out the course here

Magnus Chess Academy An Upcoming One-Stop Chess App

Have you ever heard of the Magnus Chess Academy? We thought not.  It will be a brand new app, comprising the best of all the previous Play Magnus apps and offering more exciting features. Sign up to be the first to find out when it will be released!

What’s Next?

Now that the World Champion’s schedule is about to free up much more, what will be next? Hard to say, but if we can say anything, it’s this: he’ll never bore us! 

Climbing towards the 2900 rating, unveiling more stories on his podcast, and continuing to trot the globe...in some ways, it seems like the legend of Magnus Carlsen is just beginning to unfold. 

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