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App Developer

As an App Developer at Play Magnus, you're more than just a developer - you're part of a dynamic team that operates as product owners.

Hey there!

We’re a small company owned by Magnus Carlsen. Yes, that’s the Norwegian chess player you may have heard a bit about. We have two apps called Play Magnus, and Magnus Trainer.

We’re looking for someone to join or development team as an app developer. In this role you’ll take part in developing products that will be experienced by millions of users. In Play Magnus you’ll have a hunger to learn fast and take on responsibility at an individual level.
You’ll enjoy working in a team environment that’s dynamic and agile, yet focused. You’ll have the ability to see how things should function and know how to implement it.

Your responsibilities

  • Be able to follow up on already created code and adapt to infrastructure that’s already in place when needed.

  • Maintenance and development of the original Play Magnus and Magnus Trainer apps.

  • Be eager to learn and become comfortable with programming languages such as Swift, Kotlin, C# and JavaScript. An interest in functional programming is an advantage.

  • Contribute to the creative team with new ideas and game design suggestions.

We expect you to

  • Have completed a Bachelor or Masters' degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics or natural sciences.

  • Be a team player, passionate and self-motivated. Demonstrate modesty and respect when receiving/giving feedback from your team and vice versa.

  • Be comfortable with writing, and speaking English on a daily basis with our international team.

  • Have an interest in learning more about chess. You don’t need to be good or even know how to play chess though.

  • Have a passion for mobile games. Experience with Android and iOS as mobile platforms is a plus. Experience with Unity is also an advantage.

With us you will

  • Be a part of our engineering dream team, which consists of a genius mathematician, a bearded physicist, and two crazy computer engineers.

  • Be working with challenging and diverse tech tasks.

  • Have the ability to learn from experienced colleagues, and eventually take on more responsibility.

  • Be able to impress people by saying that you work in a team that develops apps for the World Champion in chess. It works better than Tinder, we’ve heard.

We offer

  • Working with the team behind the World Chess Champion’s digital products.

  • Working with and for a world class brand.

  • Offices located in central Oslo.

  • The chance to work with products that are used all over the world, and have had millions of downloads.

  • Weekly yoga workouts. Yes, our CEO is a certified yoga teacher.

  • Flex-time

Please send us your resume (PDF or a link). For questions about the role contact:

Felipe Longé, CTO & Head of Engineering


UX Designer

We’re looking for a dedicated designer with a passion for creating user-friendly, well-designed experiences.

Hey there!

We’re a small startup company owned by Magnus Carlsen. Yes, that Norwegian chess player you may have heard about. We have two apps out called Play Magnus and Magnus Trainer. They won some design awards, which was nice. But we’re not resting on our laurels. 

We like being a small team working tightly together, but we also have greater ambitions for what we want to create. We want to take our digital products to the next level. This is where you come into the picture.

We’re about to start a new, very exciting and ambitious project. And for that, we’re looking for an equally exciting and ambitious UX designer to help push us and our products onwards and upwards.

We’re looking for a UX Designer

We’re looking for a dedicated designer with a passion for creating user-friendly, well-designed experiences. We expect you to:

  • Have completed 3 years of relevant design education. Relevant education would be Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Service Design or Graphic Design.
  • Preferably have a couple years of experience with relevant digital projects like websites and/or apps.
  • Be curious, passionate and motivated. Have a burning desire to create a user experience that works well and looks good.
  • Have experience with interaction design, wireframing, prototyping, user interviews and usability testing. Experience with data analysis is a plus. So is having an eye for visual design.
  • Have some experience with and a strong passion for working with digital products. You should know your way around an iPhone or Android phone and have played some games. All gaming experience is a bonus. Including Candy Crush (not even kidding).
  • Have good communication skills, and love to talk with people. Be able to understand our users’ behavior and needs.
  • Have at least some interest in chess (you will be working with chess related products after all). You don’t need to be good at chess, you don’t even have to know how to play. Yet.
  • Be ready to flex your English muscles in an international team. Most of us are Norwegian, but Norwegian skills are not essential.


In our team, you will be

  • An essential and highly valued part of a core design team in Oslo. You’ll be working directly with our marketing team and local and international development teams.
  • Working with challenging and diverse design tasks, exploring new and creative solutions that help build user-friendly digital products that are fun and engaging.
  • Responsible for doing user research and conducting user interviews, as well as aiding in the design of new features and improvements based on your findings.
  • Working with data analysis to uncover patterns, understanding why they occur and improving the user journey.
  • Able to tell your friends and family you work with designing games. For Magnus Carlsen. Which is pretty cool.

We offer

  • A permanent, full-time employment. We’ve just moved into new offices at Mesh in central Oslo where you’ll also meet a lot of interesting people from other relevant companies.
  • Working with awesome people, both in our award-winning internal team and with our international collaborators. We’re super dedicated, and can hopefully learn you a thing or two. Just as we hope you’ll teach us something new.
  • The chance to make a dent in the chess universe. You will work with products that are literally used all over the world by people of all ages. Products that change the perception of chess. Products that make chess look good. Products that help make the world a smarter place.
  • Weekly yoga workouts. Yes, our boss is a certified yoga teacher.


Please send us your resume and a sample of your portfolio (PDF or a link) along with a cover letter. For questions about the role contact:
Martin Holm, Lead Designer