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Follow your and your friends' progress through detailed statistics and see how you compare. Try your hand at our achievements and track your rating!

Tournaments and Event

Join the Play Live Challenge for a chance to play against Magnus Live. Then join other Live Events happening both globally and in your area.

Up your game

We're focused on creating an experience that is simple, engaging and fun, while also helping you to become a better chess player, no matter your skill level.

What if you could challenge and beat the Chess World Champion?

Our chess engine is not only custom built, it is also tuned to play exactly like Magnus. You’ll probably struggle against the 23 year old version, but the odds are in your favor against Magnus at 5. Expect to also get acquainted with his personality and the occasional tongue-in-cheek comment.

What if you could get training from the world’s best?

To become the best, you must train with the best. That is why an important part of the app is Magnus teaching you to become a better chess player. After explaining the basics to beginners, he gives you tips, tricks and strategies on your way to becoming a Grand Master. Expect to flex your mental muscle!

What if you could play against the World Champion live?

Not only do you get to pit yourself against the digital Magnus Carlsen; At the end of each year the best players in four categories are picked to play Magnus face to face. We’ve built a custom cross-platform game center that lets you measure your progress and see how you stack up against players across the globe.

“Play Magnus is a lot of fun for anyone even remotely interested in chess.”

“Whether you are an aspiring chess World Champion or just an amateur player, you’ve probably dreamt of beating reigning Chess king Magnus Carlsen… Now’s your chance.”

“Unlike most impersonal computer programs, this app puts a face on the competition.”

Bring your Game with the official Play Magnus Chess Set

Take the Play Magnus Chess Set on the go and play anyone, anywhere in style. The round and sleek container includes a rollable vinyl chessboard, a rulebook and chess pieces with the same design as in the official Play Magnus app.

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